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What, another Masterclass? This time at Upper Canada College on Feb. 7, 2:30pm with special guests William Sperandei, William Carn and Don Scott. So many horns, so little hearing left. 

posted by timshia, February 6, 2018
Worst Jazz Program Ever

What?!! someone gave us our own radio show? yup live on Feb.2nd(technically the 3rd), from 12-1 am on Istolethesoulfm Radio. I don't know how it works, but I'll be doing what I always do...speaking nonsense and playing some of my favourite tunes. Can we do a coffee enema on air?

posted by timshia, January 19, 2018

So we're off to a fun start in 2018 with 3 trio shows this week. First Jazz FM on the 15th, Reposado's on the 17th and as part of the JPEC school outreach on the 18th. So many young minds to confuse. 

posted by timshia, January 17, 2018
Back at the Rex

WPBE back at the Rex every Thursday this month. LEO37 also makes his return from Asia and joins us for a fun month of music making. Be sure to join us on the 28th when all 6 members will be present for the first time since the CD release. 

posted by timshia, December 15, 2017

4 chances to see the Worst Pop Band Ever in Ottawa this weekend. Aside from playing at the Brookstreet Hotel Friday and Saturday night (8pm), during the day we're doing a Masterclass at Carleton University at 12pm on Friday the 3rd and then an in store performance at the super hip Record Centre at 12pm on Saturday. Also Chris might jog around the Market with his shirt off posing for selfies. oh and happy halloween

posted by timshia, October 30, 2017
Intimate and Interactive

So the WPBE is super excited to be part of Istolethesoul Records studio sessions series at Studio 876 on Oct. 26, 9pm. We'll  be playing some music and telling bad stories about each other in an intimate setting, while DJ Paul Chin opens the night. In Session With: Worst Pop Band Ever

posted by timshia, October 11, 2017
workshop season

So we're super happy to be part of Jazz FM and JPEC's (respectively) jazz workshop series for the next few months. Corrupting young minds with the sounds of the Worst Pop Band Ever is a favourite past time.  We're also pleased to announce that we're presenting a master class at Carleton University on Nov.3, along with a trio of shows in Ottawa that weekend. We're at the Brookstreet Hotel the evening of the 3rd and 4th and doing an in store at the super hip Record Centre at 2pm on the 4th. I'm hoping Justin will pick up our food bill...

posted by timshia, October 5, 2017
Post festival blues?

Feeling some post festival blues? Worry not, we got your back. Every Tuesday this July at the Rex (6:30pm), the WPBE make like a giant rubber ducky...big, questionably priced and yellow.

posted by timshia, July 2, 2017
We're Back

Starting off the year of the Rooster with a bang. 4 shows at the Rex in February, Saturdays 4 and 11 (7-9pm), Fridays 17 and 24 (6:30-8:30pm). A few special guests and lots of not so special guests. Good times. 

posted by timshia, February 2, 2017

Finally getting around to updating things. Thanks for all those that came out to support the WPBE 10th anniversary/Blackout tour. From Montreal and NYC to Vancouver and Portland, a great time had by the band, despite some gruelling mornings and drives. Looking forward to 2017, starting with a residency at the Rex in February. But first one last party tonight at the Rex.