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Tim makes music. Sometimes it is good and acclaimed, and gets featured on allaboutjazz, Canadian Musician,, CBC, TEDX; used in films for the Governor General Awards, the NFB, Teletoon; and reaches #1 on college radio charts. Other times it is bad. We don't talk about those times. 

Aside from providing music/sound design for film and television with PPF, or playing drums with international artists, Grammy and Juno winners (and losers), like Quique Escamilla, Milosh, Kevin Clarke, James Roberston, Amanda Martinez, Ron Davis, Elizabeth Shepherd and Rich Underhill, he plays regularly with Rhonda Stakich, the Chris Hunt Tentet, Julie Michels, Kevin Barrett Group, Brian Hayman's Getting in the Groove, Kathleen Gorman, Samantha Clayton, Scott Marshall, Steve Cole, Jaimie Reuben, Peter Liu, Peter Hum, Figalo with John Poon, Parliament Music Group, etc. 

Tim also leads a band called the Worst Pop Band Ever , and runs Jazz for Juniors, a program that teaches younger folk about jazz. His latest co-lead project is Shiverbeck with Handsome Mark Laver and Nick Zubeck

He is a Dream Cymbal and Headhunter Sticks endorser and has three feral children. 

Tim can be followed on facebook. But he doesn't actually know what he's doing on it.

"Solid, little brother"  Wynton Marsalis,  Trumpeter

"hip enough and deep enough for jazzers and non-jazzers alike" Mark J. Turner, All About Jazz

"You're weird" Chloe Shia, Daughter 

"If I wanted to hear from an A-hole..." George Shia, Father